Surprising Book and Computer Feed Facts

I hope you gave at least one book for Christmas, to a friend or family member … and maybe received one too. Then we can all become a little more expert in our chosen fields … and have fun too!  Writing and posting to your own online blog or website also helps you become more expert since you must do a lot of research to design the site; more regular hard work to keep it current and relevant.

Did you know that a third of high school graduates  never crack open another book once they leave school?  I did, but I didn’t know that the same could be said for 42% of college grads.

The above infographic includes 7 surprising facts about reading, including one that in practical terms isn’t true. There are a lot of technical fields where reading alone won’t make you an expert; that takes doing the work.

Update: This infographic has been thoroughly debunked by a reader who pointed out that the Pew Research Center has survey data to prove that at least 3 of the 7 data points are nonsense. Thanks, Rebecca!  No matter – reading can make you more intelligent – broad general subjects leads to a well rounded, interesting individual – specific narrow subjects leads to a very knowledgeable individual, perhaps a world expert, in one particular topic.

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