The Information Age Has Dawned; and a Reminder Warning

Redux for some of you, my faithful followers. HOWEVER, IT IS IMPORTANT!

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(A variation of this article was posted in Dark Ages 2.0© under Internet Security on May 5, 2013. In my website Dark Ages 2.0+© I was examining the effects of negative impacts on life on this earth. Computer hackers, disease, ecological, environmental, electromagnetic energy, overpopulation, pesticides, solar activity, viral, etc. Don’t worry, I also had many articles and websites, elsewhere, that examined positive impacts of on life on this earth. (Since my retirement, I have stopped posting on all of those).

Everyone in the world has, or at least is talking about cellphones, computers and other digital equipment and applications. Programs exist (from the UN and other sources) to supply computers to young people in school, and to low-income members of society, world-wide. Banks have already converted most of their business and customer accounts to digital, including bank statements. Now, some banks want to save a few pennies by not mailing out a ‘hard copy‘; in fact some banks will charge an additional service fee for doing so.

Nobody talks much about the collapse of the digital world, nor how or when it might occur. Yet, it will collapse. Does human kind not remembered the burning of The Library of Alexandria. The movie Agora (2009) – IMDb, suggests that the library was burned by Christian religious zealots (an excessively zealous person; fanatic). The movie starred Rachel Weisz as “the character Hypatia of Alexandria (ca. AD 360-415), the famous female philosophy and mathematics professor; a Platonist scholar and teacher in Roman Egypt early in the Christian era. It was believed that she was the cause of the prolonged tensions between the Imperial Prefect Orestes and the Bishop Cyril. The Christian population wished to see these two reconciled and therefor Hypatia attracted their enmity. In March of 415, she was attacked by a mob of Christians who dragged her into a church, where she was brutally murdered”.

In my opinion such a collapse will see the end of The Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age), nay, it may see the world, as we know it.

This rush to ‘soft copy‘ is affecting everything: eBooks are replacing archives and books containing the sum of human knowledge (IE: Google Books Library Project is an effort by Google to scan and make search-able the collections of several major research libraries, cultural, historic, religious, scientific and others world-wide. Wikibooks; Wikipedia; Wikiversity; Wiktionary; Wikiquote; Wikimedia; Wikisource; Wikinews; Wikivoyage; Wikimedia Commonsa database; Wikidata is a free knowledge base that can be read and edited by humans and machines alike. Those things are increasingly in multiple languages:

Arabic  • ‎Belarusian  • ‎Bengali  • ‎Bosnian  • ‎Catalan  • ‎Czech  • ‎Danish  • ‎German  • ‎Lower Sorbian  • ‎Greek  • ‎Emiliano-Romagnolo  • ‎English  • ‎Esperanto  • ‎Spanish  • ‎Estonian  • ‎Persian  • ‎Finnish  • ‎Faroese  • ‎French  • ‎Galician  • ‎Gujarati  • ‎Hindi  • ‎Croatian  • ‎Upper Sorbian  • ‎Hungarian  • ‎Indonesian  • ‎Iloko  • ‎Icelandic  • ‎Italian  • ‎Japanese  • ‎Georgian  • ‎Kazakh  • ‎Korean  • ‎Colognian  • ‎Kurdish (Latin script)  • ‎Luxembourgish  • ‎Latvian  • ‎Minangkabau  • ‎Macedonian  • ‎Malay  • ‎Norwegian Bokmål  • ‎Dutch  • ‎Polish  • ‎Portuguese  • ‎Brazilian Portuguese  • ‎Romanian  • ‎Russian  • ‎Serbian  • ‎Swedish  • ‎Tamil  • ‎Thai  • ‎Ukrainian  • ‎Vietnamese  • ‎Chinese  • ‎Simplified Chinese 

, etc. And, there are many other websites; many providing different points of view.

Even The Vatican has a site which includes “The Holy See

It has always been hard to come by any facts about how many, and what kind of digital tools are getting popular, and out into the world at large. So here we go. Of the total world’s human population, about 1/3 (33%) were computer dependent. (From Social, Digital, Mobile Worldwide (2013) by Simon Kemp in News on 6 February 2013 at 16:29, Slide 3 of 16).

Digital Penetration – February, 2013


7,018,000,000 (IE. over 7 billion) 52%48%

INTERNET USERS (Internet Penetration) URBAN

2,330,000,000 33%


1,720,000,000 24%


6,400,000,000 91%

Reference: We Are Social Singapore, a conversation agency with offices in Singapore, London, Paris, Milan, Munich Sydney and São Paulo. They help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media. Future Factors 2013 (a slide show).

I am concerned that with all of our total current and future reliance on digital techniques and technology humankind is ‘putting its eggs in one basket’. Indeed, we are relying more on digitization every day, and moving inexorably to convert most everything else to digital.

If something catastrophic happens to our digital systems, that will affect civilization and all of mankind immediately, and for a long, long time into the future.

Catastrophes a can quite easily be brought about with cyber war, electrical grid failure, solar flares striking satellites (and earth), the illness of technologists, sub-contracting much of our digital work to the lowest cost suppliers, sub-contracting much of our digital work to a not friendly country, and a host of other factors. I have covered some of those in Dark Ages 2.0© – An examination of negative impacts on life on this earth. Computer hackers, disease, ecological, environmental, electromagnetic energy, overpopulation, pesticides, solar activity, viral, etc. previously.

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